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Writing Therapy

I’m going through a tough patch at work and I’m realizing I need an outlet.  It’s not actually that bad, but it calls for some kind of escape. So, here I am.  Looking for acceptance, or something.

One happy point in my life is an ongoing tendency to find humor in things.  When I am asleep and dreaming about something ridiculous, I often remember it and take notes when I wake up.  Throughout the day, little things occur to me and I write them down as well.  Ok, I suppose I have to share at least one or two anecdotes now.

Story 1:  I am with my kids at the office on a Sunday and they are having a grand time like it’s the forbidden playground that only Dad gets to play in.  Already, I have a plan to show them the gigantic spool of bubble wrap that we have parked in the room next to the freight elevators.  If you can imagine what it’s like to be 5 years old again and given a gigantic sheet of bubble wrap…  Well, that’s what it was like for them.  We found a conference room with cable TV and watched Spongebob or something else while popping bubbles.  Pure happiness.

The side story here is this vision I had of myself rolling out the bubble wrap so I could sleep at the office in relative comfort.  Trust me, I have done it before and the carpet on top of concrete doesn’t make a very good bed.  A small layer of air cushion would help a lot.  As long as you have no shame and can deal with getting caught sleeping on the floor in the office.  Yeah, that’s me sometimes.

I have to admit that I like being at the office more than I like being at home.  (long story)   So I was visualizing what this would be like…   deciding that the best thing to do is roll out some bubble wrap in layers and lay down to sleep.  If my office had no interior windows, I would totally do it. It also makes me laugh thinking about hearing popping sounds in my sleep as I roll over and pop bubbles.  Oh yeah, and then there’s that idea that I would share the mattress with someone else…  Anyway… thanks for listening.