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43 is the new 13

There is  a lot of enthusiasm for our new President, Barack Obama and his place as the 44th President.  44 is a great number and it has taken hold in the media and people’s minds as a significant value.  The number 44 has symmetry, which gives it an aura of perfection.  It also resonates as a symbol of the next 4 years for this President.  And 4 more years after that.  

Obviously, I am fascinated with numerology.  

I have one thing to add to this.  As unlucky and unfortunate numbers go, 43 should be remembered among the worst.  The ex-president, George Bush, has earned the title of “Worst President in History” and thus… I declare that 43 is the new 13.  

Numbers can have a surprising influence on people’s choices.  Will professional atheletes avoid this number (if they think that it might be bad luck)?  I think this ex-president deserves to be remembered throughout history with this indignity…