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Mailstrom as the new Unsubscribe

I’ve been using Mailstrom for a few months now and think it’s just brilliant.  And I love the name. It provides convenient tools for managing your email inbox on major services like GMail and others. Through their website, I can quickly browse through the deluge of email and quickly find and delete all emails from a particular sender, for a specific subject, or ranges of time. The idea is to get to “inbox zero”.

Well, I’m pretty far from inbox zero and I don’t think I could ever get there. Does that mean deleting all of my email? I’m pretty sure I need to keep a lot of that email for historical and often legal purposes.

When I signed up, the service was a free beta, which means I wasn’t paying anything. Now, I see that the website has paid plans starting at $4.95 a month. I suppose it is worth something to me, but I generally avoid monthly recurring charges that tend to hit me at unexpected times.

I find the real value of Mailstrom is the ability to subscribe to all of the “junk mail” that I would prefer to see than not see (such as UrbanDaddy and other local recommendations content) and know that I can easily purge these at a later date. While the subscription model is a valid business plan, I was hoping to see Mailstrom provide premium features that help email marketers with longer-term relationships with recipients.

Imagine a service that operates like a loyalty program. Users who allow emails from different merchants and marketers earn credit or other achievements. Email “opens” and “clicks” will identify the high-value users and provides further opportunities for rewards.

From the user perspective, I would like features that allow me to schedule deletion of matching emails after a specified number of days.  Killer features that benefit the end-user will help grow the user base.

what do you think?