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The Social Media Hammer

I have to share a fun story about some old friends. A small group of us still reside in NYC. A few in Los Angeles. And a few overseas. We were having an online group-hug via e-mail and it was noted that the California contingent had disappeared… for weeks, maybe months.

I was getting tired of waiting, so I hatched a plan to force them out of hiding. I replied all to one of my NYC friends with this message:


We need you to photoshop some milk cartons with the photos of our lost friends in california.

And 5 minutes later, he responded with this:
And I responded to all with this message (apologies for the grammer):


Jimmy, Eric. You have til end of day to send your status update.
Otherwise, this is going on your facebook wall!  social media. BAM!

Quite spontaneously and by accident, I had committed the equivalent of social media blackmail. And it worked. Jimmy and Eric were suddenly engaged in our discussion.

This concludes our lesson of the day.

Title Hashtagging

I saw the most remarkable thing today.  At work, we were happy to see a nice blog post about our Flurrious.com site, where you can design your own snowflake and share it with friends.  I wanted to share the article on Twitter, so I clicked on my Bit.ly bookmarklet which opens up a sidebar where I can share a shortened link on Twitter.  Bit.ly automatically crawls the web page title and other metadata and the page title looks like this:

#GoodSpotting: Flurrious Makes Snowflakes, Grants Wishes

The #GoodSpotting hashtag at the beginning of the title was automatically included as part of the default Twitter message.  Facebook also crawls URLs to obtain the web page title.  When anyone posts a link to this article through Bit.ly, Facebook, or other sharing sites, the title and hashtag will likely be included.  Now that’s clever.  I’ve never seen that trick before and it’s astounding to me how simple and effective this is.  The basic principles of website SEO and SEM are pretty well-known.  Yet, social networks and content sharing force us to re-examine our SEO strategies.