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The Social Media Hammer

I have to share a fun story about some old friends. A small group of us still reside in NYC. A few in Los Angeles. And a few overseas. We were having an online group-hug via e-mail and it was noted that the California contingent had disappeared… for weeks, maybe months.

I was getting tired of waiting, so I hatched a plan to force them out of hiding. I replied all to one of my NYC friends with this message:


We need you to photoshop some milk cartons with the photos of our lost friends in california.

And 5 minutes later, he responded with this:
And I responded to all with this message (apologies for the grammer):


Jimmy, Eric. You have til end of day to send your status update.
Otherwise, this is going on your facebook wall!  social media. BAM!

Quite spontaneously and by accident, I had committed the equivalent of social media blackmail. And it worked. Jimmy and Eric were suddenly engaged in our discussion.

This concludes our lesson of the day.

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