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Passion, Precision and Performance

For the last decade or so, I have said that the most important quality that I expect from myself and others I work with is precision.  It is that inate drive to build and deliver things that have been carefully engineered to resist and gracefully handle failures. The best engineers will expect flaws and unexpected fail points in anything they create.  Only through precision can you mitigate the risks of errors that occur at runtime.

Looking to the future, I am entering a new level of my career in technology and advertising. And I am setting new targets for myself and for the company I am excited to join. My new mantra is “performance”. No just performing well or awesome (which is my baseline goal).  I mean the ability to measure and demonstrate performance on a number of key performance indicators (KPIs). In my mind, I am looking to establish processes to catalog and track the execution of major tasks and deliverables.  Ideally, this would result in a weekly set of charts that one could use to immediately gauge performance and risk.

Looking back, I can point to the quality that matters the most throughout one’s career.  Conveniently, it is another word that starts with “P”.  Passion. That’s what I look for when hiring anyone, especially if they are just getting started and perhaps are still growing in terms of skills. And it’s the key ingredient that you need for yourself and your entire team. If it’s not there, it is painfully obvious.

Saying it again, you need these things: passion, precision, and performance. 

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