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Note to Self

Some time ago, I stopped blogging because it was too much work.  I treated each post like a masterpiece and upon reflection (and hindsight), many of the posts look pretty foolish.  Some weren’t too bad…

Anyway, I am trying something new with the blog.  In my recent ebook work, I have been uncovering all kinds of useful (and sometimes “-less”) technical facts about EPUB development.  So, my plan is to occasionally post my findings and share.  Kind of like taking notes. (Ergo the title “Note to Self”) Perhaps someday I will google for an answer and find my own post to answer my own question.

Coming soon, some posts on my hard-fought battles with EPUB and iBooks on the following:

  • Proper viewport settings for fixed layout
  • Event propagation
  • Raw/vintage Javascript
  • Twitter Bootstrap in EPUB



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