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CoverPad = WordPress to Flipboard Workflow

Ok, that’s a bit of a lie. It doesn’t actually publish to Flipboard. CoverPad is an iPad app created by PadPressed, which provides a Flipboard-like reading experience for your blog content. It starts with a custom WordPress plugin also created by PadPressed, which publishes your blog content to the CoverPad app.

Here’s the story found on Techcrunch.

PadPressed, the WordPress plugin that makes your blog feel like an iPad app when accessed from a native browser, today launches its CoverPad, which takes the “browser to iPad app” concept one iteration further and recreates the paginated feel of Flipboard in the iPad browser with HTML5/CSS3.

This is an interesting workflow for bloggers and publishers who want their content presented in an engaging and interactive way. Since WordPress has significant market share among bloggers, it makes sense to use a WordPress plugin to enable users to seamlessly integrate

We will continue to follow WordPress-based solutions for digital publishing, along with solutions for other blog platforms. Coming soon, we are going to test drive CoverPad and similar solutions. And that includes something called Anthologize, which is a WordPress plugin that publishes blog content to the EPUB format.


* Image lifted from Techcrunch. thanks!


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